Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ocean Wall Quilt

Happy Sunday friends! I hope your weekend has
been beautiful, fun and creative! I finished the
ocean wall quilt... I did a lot of beading on it!
I had a great time making this and I think I will 
do another, in a different way... but hope it
will turn out even better. 

I have been working on some other projects lately,
always keeping myself busy, that's for sure! :) Have
a great and safe week ahead!
 Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Still in progress... Bead work!

Hello again! I've been working very hard on
the ocean quilt, determined to get it done by
month's end... I've done a lot of bead work
in the past 3 days. I still have much more to do, 
then I will add a few other embellishments,
before I finish it off with binding and loops
for hanging it up! I'm excited to see the finished
project. I have many ideas floating around in
my brain! lol And now, I don't think I want
to hang this piece in the main bathroom, as
I was originally planning to do when I started
this project! It's going to be too pretty to do
THAT to it!! lol  Anyway, I'm having
fun with this piece and look forward to making
some more art quilts... it let's my imagination
run wild... 

Have a lovely day, dear friends! Much love
and many blessings wished for you all!  

Thanks for stopping by! 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ocean Art Quilt - A Work in Progress

Hello, happy weekend! 
There's been a bit of rainy/windy 
weather here, not so great to be outside yet. 
I hope you're having some great weather wherever 
you may be in this world! 

I've been doing some sewing on an art quilt that 
I began making years ago... I'm bad for starting projects 
and losing interest in them, but I'm determined 
to get this done so I can start on yet another 
unfinished project!  lol  

This is an ocean themed wall hanging. I'm doing some 
hand beading on it now and it's coming along... 
slowly, but surely!  I like the metallic thread I used
for quilting the sea area. 

I have much more planned for embellishing it, 
which will be mainly hand beaded work, then I 
will bind it all and hopefully be finished by
month's end! 

Have a fantastic and inspirational weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Fever

It's been forever since I've posted here. I've been in and out of 
the hospital twice in the past month. I finally got released from my
latest stay of 6 days for pneumonia. It's a bacterial type that is
going around... it sure knocked me on my rear! It started in my
left lung and the chest X-ray yesterday showed that it has now
traveled over to my right lung. So I am taking antibiotics, on an
inhaler and recuperating at home now. I was on oxygen in the 
hospital and I wouldn't have been released until I was breathing
on my own. Well, I'm dizzy and short of breath at times, but
managed to do a little laundry and housework today. 

Before all of this illness, I was in the spring cleaning and sewing
mode... so I had started organizing my fabrics, getting ready
to sew again... I decided to refold my fabrics so they are
the same width... yes, I'm a bit OCD!! lol  

Anyway, these pics below are from last month before I 
was ill. Hopefully soon I will be back into my crafty mode
and post some new items! In the meantime...I hope you are
all enjoying your Spring and I am just so thankful that the
snow is finally gone here. It's been a long winter in Alberta!

Have a beautiful weekend coming up, stay healthy and
creative! Love and blessings to all! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hello friends!  I'm excited to let you know about my new
  Facebook page Caligrrl Creations! I am doing a giveaway and 
all you need to do to enter is to visit my page (link below) 
and give it a LIKE. I will then enter your name in the drawing 
to be held on Friday, February 28th at 6:00 pm Mountain time. 
The first prize to be given away is a handmade Polar Bear. 
The second prize is a set of dish or face cloths crocheted in 
100% cotton yarn. For each LIKE from a friend or family member 
that you send to my page, I will enter your name again! So the more 
people you share my page with, the better chance you have at 
winning a prize. I hope to see you there and I wish 
everyone good luck in the draw. 

Thank you for your support here and on my
Facebook sites... you are so very much
appreciated!  Have a great rest of the week
and stay safe and warm out there! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thought Of You - A Poem and Art

Hello, wow, it's been a long time since I've posted
here! I have been dealing with some health issues
and I haven't been feeling so creative lately!  I'll
get back into the swing of things soon... I did a bit
of crocheting the past week or so... but nothing
too great to post here. Unfinished projects...that's all
I needed... lol ...I'm an expert at those! 

Below is a new art I made the other day. 

Below this photo is a poem I wrote quite
some time ago that I had not published yet...

Thought of You

I thought of you today
Like most days
You always cross my mind
How could I know
Love would be so blind
My heart will never be the same
I only have myself to blame
For falling for someone like you
Who would only rip my heart in two
Now the pieces left cannot be repaired
Love opportunities are there
But it has me running scared
Trying to keep my mind busy
But the tears still flow
I remember the love
That you once had shown
Making me feel so good inside
Until you crushed my pride
Took the very heart of me
And broke me down piece by piece
I am not the same woman I once was
I cannot find the smile I had
Each day I try so hard not to cry
But no matter how hard I try
All I can do is wonder why
Love is gone
All I want is to be free
Free from these memories
That keep killing me

(c) 2013 Debra Ann Beach
Caligrrl Poems

Have a beautiful weekend...I may have to paint, sew
or do something with these hands...maybe crochet or
knitting... I have too many ideas and not enough time! 
Enjoy the weekend, friends!! May it be creative
and inspiring, as each day should be! 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Wishes - A New Poem

Christmas has come and gone...and I am behind on my
posts here! I hope you all had a very wonderful and blessed
Christmas this year.... :)

Here we are, about to start a new year... for some it has
already started. I would like to wish everyone a safe,
happy and blessed New Year's Eve and New Year!

May you always have love, peace and joy in your heart...

New Year Wishes 

As we say goodbye to another year
I want to thank my friends that I hold so dear
You've been my rock through some unsettling days
Your kindness and love leave me truly amazed
I think of you as family that I truly love
Your gift of friendship was sent from above
My wonderful friends I wish you the best
Having you as my friend, I am truly blessed.

May the New Year bring you much love and good health
Many blessings of joy, peace, and prosperous wealth.
May you find comfort and warmth from those that you love.
Plenty of food, happy times and blessed light from above.
Be safe in your travels and good times ahead.
Each night, sleep with blissful dreams in a comfortable bed.
Many positive thoughts and prayers are with you this year.
Let's open our hearts with love and bring on some cheer!

(c) 2013 by Debra Ann Beach ~ Caligrrl Poems

Happy New Year, to all of my wonderful family & friends... God Bless You ALL!