Friday, May 17, 2013

Update & iPhone Art

Hello there! 
 I haven't been posting much lately. I've been
busy Spring cleaning, organizing etc. It will take a long time
before I'm done with all the things I would like to do.
I have many more responsibilities now, yard work, etc. 
since my ex moved out. It seems that the work is never
ending and I haven't had the time for being creative lately. 
I did manage to draw a few pics on my cell phone app 
before I went to sleep the other night, though!... lol 

Spring weather has finally arrived and today I planted 
some herbs in my kitchen as well as re-potted 2 
house plants that were getting out of control. We 
were getting snow up until just a few weeks ago,
with snow flurries the beginning of this month, 
thankfully they didn't stick to the ground long!! 
I'm ready for some hot weather. It rained last night, 
so it saves me some time watering the lawn... yay! 

Have a happy weekend, everyone! Enjoy! 

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