Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Home Made Big Hunk Candy or "Little Hunks"

I apologize for the long delay in posting... I have
a lot to catch up on... in cooking, baking, crafting,
crochet and more... enjoy! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

|Big Hunk candy bars or so yummy and being from 
California, were a favorite treat since my childhood.
To my dismay, they are not sold here in Alberta
and many people have no idea what 
they are or what they are missing!
I have such a sweet tooth but try not to make too
many treats, as they are too resisting to me!! LOL

I haven't had a Big Hunk since I was last in 
California, back in 2006. So of course, I had
a craving for one...after looking on the internet
for a "copy cat" recipe...I found one!! I 
decided to give it a try and was very pleased
to finally satisfy my craving! These are so yummy!
Next time I will chill the candy before slicing into
pieces and wrapping in wax paper... they are 
too sticky otherwise and are a trouble to unwrap
without the paper sticking to them. 

The Big Hunk candy bar is sold in a large and
long piece wrapped in a non stick wrapper... 
thus the name... I decided to make them into
bite size pieces... mmmmm good! :) 

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