Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Fever

It's been forever since I've posted here. I've been in and out of 
the hospital twice in the past month. I finally got released from my
latest stay of 6 days for pneumonia. It's a bacterial type that is
going around... it sure knocked me on my rear! It started in my
left lung and the chest X-ray yesterday showed that it has now
traveled over to my right lung. So I am taking antibiotics, on an
inhaler and recuperating at home now. I was on oxygen in the 
hospital and I wouldn't have been released until I was breathing
on my own. Well, I'm dizzy and short of breath at times, but
managed to do a little laundry and housework today. 

Before all of this illness, I was in the spring cleaning and sewing
mode... so I had started organizing my fabrics, getting ready
to sew again... I decided to refold my fabrics so they are
the same width... yes, I'm a bit OCD!! lol  

Anyway, these pics below are from last month before I 
was ill. Hopefully soon I will be back into my crafty mode
and post some new items! In the meantime...I hope you are
all enjoying your Spring and I am just so thankful that the
snow is finally gone here. It's been a long winter in Alberta!

Have a beautiful weekend coming up, stay healthy and
creative! Love and blessings to all! 

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