Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Still in progress... Bead work!

Hello again! I've been working very hard on
the ocean quilt, determined to get it done by
month's end... I've done a lot of bead work
in the past 3 days. I still have much more to do, 
then I will add a few other embellishments,
before I finish it off with binding and loops
for hanging it up! I'm excited to see the finished
project. I have many ideas floating around in
my brain! lol And now, I don't think I want
to hang this piece in the main bathroom, as
I was originally planning to do when I started
this project! It's going to be too pretty to do
THAT to it!! lol  Anyway, I'm having
fun with this piece and look forward to making
some more art quilts... it let's my imagination
run wild... 

Have a lovely day, dear friends! Much love
and many blessings wished for you all!  

Thanks for stopping by! 

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