Friday, October 26, 2012

Hand Knitting

Feeling a bit under the weather today, I decided to stay upstairs 
and do some hand knitting. There's just something about it that
is so relaxing and peaceful... that's why I love art so much, almost
every form of art... it gives such a feeling of joy and accomplishment 
to be creative and actually produce something that 
gives such pleasure to the senses. I have a set of bamboo 
knitting needles that I've been using today.
I just love the feel of the bamboo, the nice clicking of the needles,
instead of the clinking of metal to metal. I really enjoy the sound and 
everything about hand-knitting. The knitting machine is great because
it saves a lot of time in doing certain knitting stitches or patterns, but
it just doesn't have that feeling of joy you get from hand-knitting. So,
I always like to pick up a pair of needles and start something, even if
I don't finish it! lol  I can't believe all the unfinished knitting projects 
I never got around to doing... it's funny to see all these things that
I've forgotten about... Anyway, here is what I've been doing for the past
hour or so. I like the basket weave effect with the chunky yarn...
It's good to see so many of the younger generation taking up this
hobby... what a great thing to have at hand when you just want to
relax or be creative... I don't know yet what I'm knitting, most likely a
scarf, depending on how many skeins I have on hand. But for now
I need some sleep and morning comes TOO soon!! ;) Enjoy your day!

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