Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hello friends. How is everyone? I've been lagging on my posts to my blog. I've been doing some knitting, reading, browsing, cleaning, experimenting, unraveling, winding and much more... lol. I found my punch cards for my knitting machine but I'm not sure how to set the machine to use them in the best way for the pattern. For instance, today, I was beginning to knit SOMETHING... didn't know what yet. I just wanted to see how the pattern knit up... I tried this on 3 different cards but to no avail. I don't know if it's a tuck, slip, lace or weave stitch... lol. So, one piece came out with some type of pattern and then right in the middle it started knitting a vertical stripe and then more pattern afterwards... it looks like a form fitting knit dress, but... I made it in baby yarn and I don't think baby blue and white figure flattering dress would be too good on a baby!!! LOL  At least I got a laugh out of this when I told my mom on the phone. My back is so sore from struggling with that machine...I think I will rest tonight. I found a cool site while I was trying to find some pictures of the finished fabrics knit with the set of punch cards that go with my machine. I found the punch card pattern but no pics... but the cool site is called Scribd.... it's an online library of books and documents. I placed a subscription, costs more than getting a library card but you can read the books, etc., online or on your mobile devices.  No trips to the library and due date deadlines in the dead of winter... lol. I like to be warm. :) It snowed again overnight...maybe it never stopped, but the ground is white and it just warmed up enough to melt it off the streets. Tonight I think I will browse some more on the Scribd site and make up a catalog of books I want to read. I will post some pics of the things I've been knitting when I get them blocked and finished. In the meantime I will post a pic of the collected and unfinished work. lol  Enjoy your evening!! Sending love and hugs...and a smile of course! 


  1. Sounds like winter. Hope it warms up again. Take care and have a nice day