Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Knits

The past few days I haven't been on the pc much. I've
been knitting and trying out some new stitches. Below are 
some of the things I've been working on. Winter is coming!
The snow has melted but the chill is in the air! 
Some of these are finished... some not so finished\!! lol

Wool blend scarf... soft and warm.

A cotton cloth... of some sort. ;)

 A toque trio... my son got to choose which one
he wanted ... can you guess? Okay... he liked all
three. He refuses to wear store bought so I made
him these... :)

  A wool blend scarf... cool stitch and tweed yarn.

A soft fuchsia color scarf - to - be. ;)

and another cotton thingie. ;)

Teal ... :) And I don't know what it will be yet. lol

Above will be another toque when 
I'm done sewing it all up!

Above is a cotton dish towel or place mat... I haven't
decided yet! Maybe a bathroom face towel! :)

I decided to punch out a blank punch card with a new design
and I made a few holes in places where there shouldn't
have been...I'm out of practice! But...a little tape to 
cover the mistakes and it worked out... it's just a sample
to see the stitch... I'll be unraveling it and I'll try a 
sport weight yarn instead of the worsted weight. 

So there you go... what I've been doing...OFF the pc!! lol

Enjoy your Sunday!!! Much love, 
from me... :)

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