Friday, November 15, 2013

Hand Painted Marble Fabric Quilt Top

Years ago I saw a show on television where they marbled
some fabric with acrylic paints... I thought it was a really cool
idea so I decided to try it out myself. I had a small tub of water
and put some thickening agent in the water, I think I used 
plain gelatin. I didn't have the right supplies at the time but 
I was too anxious to try the process out... so I improvised.
After the water is thickened you add the paint and swirl
it around on the top of the water...then you place a piece
of fabric over the paint to transfer the design to it. 

The colors didn't come out as vibrant as I would have liked,
so I ended up with some pastels. I had no idea what to use
these pieces of fabric for until today. I bravely cut them into
squares and added some pink gingham fabric for the border.
I have the basic top done, now I will decide what fabric to 
use for the backing and binding. I will be machine quilting 
this and maybe add some embellishments. I may keep it as
a small table cloth instead of making it into a baby quilt...
I will be adding some batting, perhaps light weight for sure 
if I decide to make it as a table topper.  Who knows,
I may just make it into a decorative wall quilt for a baby 
girls nursery. Whatever it will be, it will be fun for me to do.

Have a great weekend!


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