Sunday, February 3, 2013

Successful Sunday

Today I was very happy to access my files
located on my crashed hard drive. After many
attempts at getting the thing to boot up, it just
wouldn't open. I thought for sure I would lose
all of my important files, the OS got wiped
out! So, today I was able to remove the hard
drive and attach a special cord from the hard
drive into my laptop to see if I could retrieve 
anything. SUCCESS!!! I am now saving all
of my files onto disks... it took all week and 
it was looking bleaker and bleaker... what a 
great thing to have, that cord. I can't remember
the name, but it works. Now I am burning disks
and removing files from this 1 terabyte hard
drive. After I finish, which will take me days
to do, I will finally be able to reformat the
drive and then put on a new OS, probably
Windows 8. I'm very pleased today... yahoo!!

Hope your day was amazing!!

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