Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Sunday!

The weekend is sure flying by! We have a beautiful, sunny day here
today. I hope the snow melts and we have a longer Spring
this year. Sunshine is getting me in the mood to do more
sewing or something. I may end up working on my book a bit
today... I've been a bit down about my pc crashing... but
I'm thankful I still have my laptop so I can still access my
sites and all. 

Below is a sample of one photo I did... I love Monet's art. He's 
my favorite, and I wanted to do some photo art in a Monet-ish
sort of way. I love this, what do you think? I have some more
done and I am doing some different styles that I will have in my
new book of art and poetry. Much work to do on it yet!! 

Have a lovely, creative and inspiring Sunday!
Love, Debra

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