Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend Words & Angels

Hello friends, happy weekend! I haven't posted in quite some time, so 
here I am!! :) I've had a busy week and have worked on a few things.
Still learning my new software and haven't been up to sewing or any
other projects since I lost my computer's drive. So for now I have
been working with what I have left. I sure do miss my ran
much faster and better than my laptops. But, until I can get it running
again, I am left to work with super slow systems, always freezing up
and acting like a zombie, lol  Slow to do anything. I'll be trying to clean
up the drives so I can function better. I had a lot of work on my pc that
I have lost. Just a word of advice, beware of the "cleaning" software, 
it has "cleaned" too much and now the Windows OS is gone &  lastly,
everything on the drive. Major bummer, but, that's life, right? 
Sometimes you just have to go with the flow... and carry onward. 
Life has a funny and amazing way of putting things in your life, as
well as taking things away... but all in all, it seems to always work
out to be the best thing for yourself at the exact time you need it. 
God has a way of taking care of everything we face in our lives and
it can make each of us, a much stronger, wiser and better person.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.

Blessings, love, hugs and smiles, always,

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