Friday, December 14, 2012

Blog Update

Today I have deleted my other two blogs since I am
never posting on them and mainly just post to this one.
 Thank you to all that have stayed with me here and for your 
friendship and support in my work. I appreciate you one and all!

Lately I haven't been posting too much. I guess I have run
out of energy and drive to do things... but I will get this back.
Today I am working on a beautiful mohair blend scarf.
The yarn is a delight to work's so soft and I happen
to love the color which is teal... one of my favorites!
I'm doing the scarf in a Tunisian crochet which is 
something I've been learning the past few weeks. I 
really love the stitch it creates... it looks woven on
one side and all purl stitches on the opposite side.
Very cool! 

Have a beautiful weekend and be safe. 

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